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Kõiki Eesti päritolu kanadalased on oodatud osa võtma 2019. aastal toimuvatest Eestlaste Kesknõukogu Kanadas valimistest. EKN esindab Kanadas umbes 40 000 Eesti päritolu kanadalast.

October 23, 2019

TORONTO - Candidate nominations for the 2020 Estonian Central Council in Canada national elections are now open with forms available online here!

October 8, 2019
OTTAWA – The Estonian Central Council in Canada (EKN) is calling on the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada to remove their candidate in the Nova Scotia riding of Sydney-Victoria in light of a report about a number of deeply offensive social media posts by the candidate, Jaime Battiste.

The sexist and racist nature of the posts are inexcusable, including the grossly insensitive glorification of Soviet symbols which is deeply insulting to Estonian Canadians and the millions of Canadians whose families fled Soviet terror.