TORONTO - The Estonian Central Council in Canada is pleased to announce that it is hosting a Town Hall Election Discussion on issues addressing the global Estonian diaspora communities, with representatives from all major Estonian political parties.

This is the first time an international Estonian election discussion is being held specifically on global Estonian issues.

Estonian World Council to meet in Tallinn - Estonian Parliament forms Friends of Estonians Abroad Association

The Estonian World Council’s (EWC)annual meeting will take place in Tallinn from May 3-5, 2018. The first and third day will be devoted to the Council’s general business meeting at the Park In by Radisson Meriton hotel. A seminar and panel open to the public will take place on Friday, May 4, beginning at 10 am, in the Estonian Parliament conference room, thanks to the assistance of Parliament chairman Eiki Nestor. Prior registration is required for admittance, together with one’s identity code or birthdate, to

Stronger Together: The Canadian-Estonian Community At Estonia's Centenary

Author Name
Marcus Kolga
EV100 Canada


One hundred years ago, copies of the Manifesto To the People of Estonia, proclaiming the nation's independence, were being bravely posted, and distributed throughout Estonia.

Overnight, Estonia declared itself one of the most progressive and liberal nations in all of Europe, embracing values in 1918, that we so closely identify with as Canadians - especially diversity.

Occupation Museum Appeal

Author Name
Laas Leivat

Changing the name of the Museum of Occupations threatens the loss of its historical message.

The Estonian World Council, representing the central organizations of Estonians living in 12 different countries abroad, considers the contribution of the Museum of Occupations' founder, Dr. Olga Kistler-Ritso, in bringing attention to the crimes of the occupation, to be inestimable.